Friday, 3 December 2010

lost and found

Righty then, I've stuck with cacoon-ing those little mass produced objects we're ever loosing, and always taking for granted. The sort of things my mother would say disappeared to the Narnia style world of the "Woodnits and Didnits" at the back of the kitchen's odds 'n' sods draw. (The creatures there steal singular socks, paper clips, pennies, pin tacks and the like).

Going round corners is tricky.

Even harder on shofter objects.

Got a bit of hair court in one, which adds further connotations to the possible narrative behind each object, which brings me back to viewing Colombian artist Doris Salcedo's elongated table at Tate Modern a few years back, the colouring is similar to Salcedo's select palette, and fusion of materials/objects, often rendering them useless.

Next up coloured thread, on coloured/patterned fabric, and framing some samples.