Sunday, 9 January 2011

good reading

My previous post was kicked off by a birthday present, a fantastically colourful interior design book, Bazaar Style by Selina Lake, written by Joanna Simmons and photography by Debi Treloar

Selvedge magazine filled the remainder of a lazy Sundays reading, with a feature on Toni Meneguzzo research project following a trip to India into Hindu 'Holy Cows'.

'...they proudly wear the embelishments of Hindu's seemingly kitsch spirituality, with its grand and garish objects, baroque frames and old honking motorcycles, fetishes and plastic flowers, part Bollywood, part Taj Mahal.' (pg. 76, issue 38, Selvedge, Jan/Feb 2011)

An aspect that really excited me when visiting the Hindu Temple in Neasden. Western views on vivid colours or conotations relating the use of certain materials in relation to religious memorbilia lay in stark contrast to my childhood at a Christian Church school.

Figurine from the Neasden Hindu temple