Thursday, 7 April 2011


My creative itch was awoken recently by an article on London based stylist/ shop owner Emily Chalmers, in the Australian magazine Frankie. Showcasing her home, a converted industrial space, and her store Caravan where her eclectic, vintage inspired sensibilities have found a place to flourish.

Which leads me on to introduce some more creatives/ crafts practitioners whose work I admire.

Claire Coles I fell for the patchy lustre work and textured surface design when I first saw these vases at a Cockpit Arts Christmas open studios a years back, but settled for a brooch from her odds box

I discovered the work of MMU grad Eve Bennett at the 2008 Islington New Designers. I enjoyed the humour in her narrative style, and the way she chose to exploit faded colours eluding to the poignance of remembrance and the delicate passing of time. The way her loose sketches shine through in her hand-building and mark making especially appealed to me, as I too enjoy disturbing a drawn line by wetting felt tips or ink pens, giving the image a lightness of touch.